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ORTEC Truck Route Planning Application

ORTEC’s truck route planning application is a functionally robust optimization engine that handles the routing, scheduling, and overall management of a company’s truck fleet and drivers. The solution creates an optimal route plan based on an unlimited number of constraints including distance, equipment type, capacity, miles and driver characteristics.  The result is more deliveries with fewer trucks, helping to cut transportation costs as well as carbon emissions.


  • Static planning for routes to a forecasted set of orders, commonly called “milk runs”;
  • Territory planning to fixed sets of delivery territories paired with drivers and assets;
  • Dynamic planning for shipments and orders with high variability;
  • Frequency scheduling to incorporate monthly, weekly and daily pickup and delivery schedules into optimized routing plans; 
  • Real-time communication with drivers to track their activities and locations, enabling “on-the-fly” reroutes when necessary;
  • Proactive adaptation to daily activities such as traffic congestion problems that could delay a driver and real-time communication of the resulting new routes to the driver; and
  • Identification of backhaul opportunities.

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