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Routing and Scheduling Software

ORTEC's Routing and Scheduling Software is a functionally vigorous routing and scheduling solution. The Routing and Scheduling Software creates companies with optimized routes that assist them in evaluating profitability and customer demands. Additionally, using ORTEC's route management optimization solution allows companies to minimize costs because of shorter routes, reduced maximized fuel efficiency and increased asset utilization. Current ORTEC customers have experienced results including:

Mileage reductions between 5 and 10 %

Field operations cost reductions by 20 to 30 %

Routing and scheduling-related labor reductions of 50 to 75 % 

ORTEC's solution provides both planning and execution functions which are instrumental to routing and scheduling optimization. Some of that functionality includes: 


- Plans and dynamically re-plans optimized routes daily or mid-route
- Considers variable delivery amounts in dynamic rescheduling (i.e., liquid bulk)
- Plans for dynamic backhaul opportunities
- Optimizes during a multi-day window
- Develops route design for territory planning


- Enables real-time visibility to vehicles in route (tracking)
- Integrates route data with dispatch system
- Provides a full dispatch control system
- Facilitates two-way communication between driver(s) and dispatch
- Provides proof of delivery (mobile digital signature capability) in conjunction with ORTEC partners.

Additional information is available on our Routing and Scheduling solutions page, or you can ask specific questions via email or phone at 678.329.7804. 







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